"Ginevan" winery was founded in 2005. In 2011, we introduced our products to the consumer. A year later we became one of the favorite brands in the local market due to high quality and began exporting our products.

Our factory was the first in the whole Transcaucasus region to produce strawberry wine and received gold medal at the "Logos Expo" held in Armenia in 2012. Currently we hold a leading position by our turnover and export volume, and are considered among the five largest Armenian wineries. In addition to wines, our factory also produces hard drinks, which are exported abroad as well.

"Ginevan" has more than 200 employees, its own marketing department, which deals with the analysis of both local and export markets. Due to its high technology and advanced equipment, our company produces more than 40 types of wines and spirits in both standard and souvenir bottles.

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